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Digital Marketing for Real Estate in Kenya: A Complete Guide

Digital Marketing has revolutionized real estate industry in a significant way. The industry of real estate in Kenya has matured enough where buyers are doing extensive research online before actually…

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Digital Marketing Strategy in Real Estate Kenya

How to succeed in Search marketing for KENYA’S Real Estate Corporate in 2017   We have been marketing for different industries in Kenya and right now, we have had a…

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Top 3 Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

When it comes to marketing and advertising for realtors it’s not a foot race, it’s a digital race. Technology is moving at such a fast pace that if you’re not…

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How Realtors Can Break Into Digital Marketing

So you want to create a real estate marketing plan. Your brokerage needs an online presence, right? Sure. Take Mike Cooper, managing broker at Winchester Real Estate Sales, for example. He…

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Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

As the real estate industry continues to grow in 2017 and the demand for residential and commercial real estate strengthens, we suggest you the latest real estate lead generation strategies so that…

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5 Ways to Test Your SEO Agency’s Knowledge and Ethics

Simply put, when businesses start searching for a good SEO agency it’s like looking for a great auto mechanic; you don’t know what they are truly doing but you trust…

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3 DIY Beginner SEO Tasks to Improve Ranking in Kenya with Advanced Results

Not all businesses are ready to hire digital marketing agencies to help improve their online visibility. In many cases businesses will have a family member perform vital and simple search…

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Pricing Out Your Digital Marketing Services Over a Pint of Beer

If you’ve ever sat down to brainstorm on pricing strategies for your digital marketing services over a pint of beer, you may want to let the beer itself be the…

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