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Digital Marketing for Real Estate in Kenya: A Complete Guide


Digital Marketing for Real Estate in Kenya: A Complete Guide

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Digital Marketing has revolutionized real estate industry in a significant way.

The industry of real estate in Kenya has matured enough where buyers are doing extensive research online before actually making their final purchase. The buyers in the market are searching for the brokers, dealers, projects, and sellers online, which make the digital marketing even more lucrative for real estate industry.

The latest trends have shown that it is mandatory for every real estate organization to have an online presence which must be optimized via digital marketing communication mix.

As a Kenyan realtor, if you are nowhere near digital marketing then you are missing a pool of opportunities in Kenya.

Why Kenyan Real Estate needs Digital Marketing?

One of the most important factors that make digital marketing popular in the modern real estate industry is its right reach at affordable prices. In real estate digital marketing is applied in order to maximize the leverage of reaching out to the target users through various channels, such as:

  • Blogging
  • PCC or Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • E-mail Marketing

As per Digital Marketing Activities, there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of leads (at least 300%) from marketing real estate online via digital marketing platform. Undoubtedly, buyers get interested with personal buying experience when it comes to high monetary value products, digital marketing makes the real estate or developers in Kenya create a huge impact on the buyers.

This is true in case of real estate selling, where all the marketing activities are directed towards generating leads than on direct conversion.

How digital marketing in real estate benefit customers?

The infusion of digital marketing in real estate has helped buyers by exposing them to more choices than ever before.

How digital marketing in real estate benefit realtors?

Since with digital Media, you can measure each shilling spent as you will know the Return on Investment (ROI) on real estate, it is one of the top industries incorporating digital marketing.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

Since digital marketing plays a crucial role in today’s marketing world and it has become an inseparable part of any industry or business. Therefore, the need to involve real estate digital marketing strategy for this industry is beyond mention.

Real estate is exploring the digital marketing platform in order to optimize their performance via design and development services in terms of generating leads and conversion.

If we see the trends in the modern day real estate markets, the primary search for property dealers or properties in Kenya begins online.

Best Strategies

1. Search and incorporate software that streamlines your online marketing

If you don’t have the right tools in order to easily execute your activities, what good are your Real Estate marketing ideas for?

Almost 90% of the agents’ time is spent prospecting meeting with clients, showing listings, sending email, and working the phones. Therefore, putting your time on your digital marketing plan is essential.

2. Write content for website

Planning and creating posts and pages takes time. This is a crucial aspect of your real estate agent and marketing plan whether you are a seasoned agent or first-time agent. However, once you realize which type of content your audience likes, it will be a lot easier to do it. Since most of the sellers and buyers turn to real estate websites in order to find out who an agent is, information about their markets, what distinguishes them from the pack, and so on. Therefore, to know your users and what drives leads to you, there is a need for content marketing strategy for real estate.

Some of the most read web pages in real estate are:

  • Area and community pages
  • List-based articles
  • Educational blog posts

3. Make the most of your website

Your website is your marketing universe and without that, your marketing activities will not make much of a difference in establishing yourself as ‘the agent’ in the market. Therefore, direct your energy towards making yours as optimized as possible.

Various Aspects to be Catered to Optimization of Website:

Optimize your On-Page Real Estate Website Elements

Gone are the days when a handful of keywords were required to make search engines adore your real estate website. Today, the need for a more intricate strategy is needed in order to get your website rank in the top few pages of search results.

Some of the On-Page elements are:

  • Distinct copy of content that educates.
  • Create user-friendly navigation and design elements.
  • Keywords are implemented in prominent areas.
  • Develop many pages to showcase housing markets, company info and listings.

You need to make Calls to Action (CTAs) with a pleasing design and a clear value proposition to attract the audience.

Develop Real Estate Email Marketing Campaigns

It took years to realize email marketing can do wonders and give an excellent return on investment. Email campaigns prove more and more effective in nurturing leads via the marketing funnel.

Every real estate company/agent focuses on lead generation but many agents forget once they have the lead. Therefore, with drip email marketing campaigns, agents or companies can nurture their leads in the most effective manner. It allows your brand to stay top-of-mind with sellers and buyers.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate: Statistics

Some statistics to let you know how digital marketing is influencing Real Estate Industry:

1. 80% of all home buyers are searching online

Most of the buyers are looking online for their future homes and they want to know every possible detail about the home before they actually see it.

2. 83% of home buyers see pictures of the property online

Well, social media has made the visual culture on. Buyers are spending most of their time researching and wish to see or take a virtual tour of the homes. For instance, Kenya Property has started walkthroughs of homes.

3. 52% of the prospects used an Android in their home search

Mobile is important and optimizing your mobile presence is essential. If a user will land on your site and find it too clumsy to navigate from their phone, they most likely will abandon your name.

4. 49% of the leads come via referrals

It is important to build yourself and your company as a brand since there is so much to gain from personal referrals and former clients who send their friends to you.

5. Social media used by 91% of realtors

Social media being a free marketing tool for realtors is utilized by most of the agents and companies.

6. 33% of the buyers buying for the first time are researching online

Seeing these trends, it is recommended that once you get settled into creating an optimized online presence. Also, try your hand at creating some content geared towards first-time buyers.

What do these stats mean? Certainly, the shift to online and social media presence is one of the keys in the coming year in order to be successful.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in Real Estate

Since real estate industry is continuously evolving and keeping up with the trends is a challenge in itself. For this reason, here is a list of top 10 digital marketing trends in real estate industry.

1. Being mobile-friendly is important

In the recent past, as per the consumer behavior, purchases made on mobile devices out-performed purchases via laptops and stationary computers. Most of the people are doing business on their smartphones to increase versatility and save time. In order to stay relevant, real estate agents should be devising mobile-friendly websites to engage users.

2. It’s the app time

There’s an app for everything today. If you don’t have an app for your business, you might be on the losing end. If someone makes an all-encompassing real estate app, they will make millions.

3. Develop quality website content

It is important to keep a check if your website is not downgrading you. Therefore, it is important to cut down your website and refine your pages to concise information and each list valuable.

4. Target all search engines

As of now, we only think Google as a credible search engine, but studies show that Bing and Yahoo maintained a steady search market share. Therefore, it is important to incorporate all three platforms to get the full picture.

5. The rise of social media

Digital media is growing bigger with each successive day and they have claimed a position for themselves that cannot be jolted. Social media has been successfully joining millions of people every day. Be it LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Google+, they have over a billion active users combined every single day. Why not market to them?

6. Growth of Inbound Marketing

The old form of Outbound Marketing has long gone and Inbound Marketing is drawing attention and engagement via its unique style. Inbound Marketing works via regularly posting interesting material on social media, sharing videos, photos, and updating blogs. You can leverage this inexpensive marketing approach in order to draw in home buyers.

7. Heard about Digital Storytelling?

Gone are the days when YouTube was the only place for people to watch video clips. Today, 76% of US people who use Facebook said they see videos there. Digital Storytelling is growing day after day. Instead of reading long, boring paragraphs, users say they want short, engaging video clips for supporting a brand. This is the reason one should leverage Digital Storytelling for telling a story that speaks to users on their end.

8. Analysis should be your love!

Not asking to leave your gf/bf… But you need to devote some of your attention to analytics. It might sound scary but it is one of the best ways to grow in today’s technology world. With Google Analytics, you can freely access your website and get information about traffic lead. This can help you in assessing who views your website, when they view, and where they view.

With Google Analytics, the possibilities are endless and you can target your consumers when you have all the analytics at your end.

9. LinkedIn will be bigger

It is a virtual professional networking platform that helps on sharing resumes with professionals throughout an industry. How is LinkedIn useful for real estate? For home buyers, one can get a full picture of your credentials if they wish to purchase something. We all like transparency in operation, and LinkedIn makes it easy. Therefore, it has expanded its easy-to-use interface and page analytics.

10. Live-streaming apps are a must

Who doesn’t know how important videos are today. Periscope, a live-streaming app by Twitter should be on the checklist of real estate industry. It has let anyone to film any event they want. This is what is required for an open house! Periscope helps consumers to still have the opportunity to consider the home for a purchase even if they weren’t able to make it.

You can expand your virtual visibility with Periscope. Happy recording!


Top Real Estate Companies Leveraging Digital Marketing

Here are a few examples of how real estate companies in Kenya are leveraging Digital Marketing:

1. HassConsult

2. Property 24

3. Jumia House

4. OLX

5. Pigia Me

6. Buy Rent Kenya

Seeing the infusion and trends of digital marketing in the real estate industry, it is not hard to guess how digital marketing can help agents and organizations in this field earn good amount of profits.

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