• September 14, 2017

Digital Marketing Strategy in Real Estate Kenya


Digital Marketing Strategy in Real Estate Kenya

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How to succeed in Search marketing for KENYA’S Real Estate Corporate in 2017  

We have been marketing for different industries in Kenya and right now, we have had a strong bias on real estate market. The Real Estate space is an extremely competitive space, we used Google Search campaigns a key channel to achieve this goal. Right from Creating a Structured AdWords Campaign to Daily Optimisation of the Campaigns, we experimented with every feature that Google offers such as



The best way to convert customers is to understand where they are on your sales funnel. Understanding or having knowledge of the people who have already visited certain pages on your website is one of the strongest assets you can take advantage of when managing your digital campaigns. We use the list of people who have visited your website but have not converted to create a strategy for converting them. Pershall uses the RSLA feature to reach these categories of people in your market. Just because someone visited your website, doesn’t mean they are in the same area in your sales funnel, and that is why Pershall used the “IF Function” to create a differentiator on the kind of ads that are seen by your website visitors. Everyone sees a different ad depending on the kind of activity that had on your website.


Google marketing, self-publishing in Kenya is a fairly new industry coming up but also very competitive. We are still learning user behavior online while still trying to beat the competition. In order to understand user behavior and always deliver a positive ROI we have been constantly innovating and experiment with new elements in digital marketing. One of the strongest methods to learn the industry is to use different match types to engage our audience. Using broad match list and others allows us to understand which keywords target audience is using to reach us. This has worked to increase leads flow for our campaigns in real estate in Kenya.


Real Estate industry is very sensitive and you can easily lose click on people who are randomly browsing the internet without the same objective as your campaign. In addition to understanding and trying different match types, we came to learn of irrelevant keywords. These are the keywords that were not ideal for the campaigns we have been running but often used by people in the same industry. We compiled these keywords to form a negative keyword list that we added to the campaign. Adding negative keywords to your campaign actually, helps in improving your ad quality score. We identified over 6000 negative keywords, which were listed; this means we saved 6000 potential negative clicks, which meant we saved money on that.

Dynamic Keyword as a strategy to show RELEVANT ADS TO THE TARGET Real Estate AUDIENCE

To improve targeting, different keywords are used to target a different category of audience. Targeting a variety of Keywords means a variety of target categories and hence the ads cannot be the same. Dynamic keyword allows the ads to change depending on the keyword that is targeted. This helps us connect with the audience very well hence increasing the click-through rate and conversion rate.


CPA bidding is one of the options we used to optimize our bids automatically. Other aspects that we focused on as Pershall for our client’s included changing the bids based on different elements like devices, time, hour, and day. These helped improve our campaign performance by almost 60%.


Pershall has been using Dynamic Search Ads, to increase our flexibility with ads. Dynamic Search ads allow us to provide additional text on Headlines which was not previously possible using the expanded text ads. This allowed us to explore more keywords and increase our conversion rate. The Dynamic search ads work best when used for e-commerce business.

Additionally, we always work with our creative designers and content creators in developing captivating and engaging ad copies that have a high change of improved click through rate.


Using search campaigns as an addition to the digital marketing strategy, our clients were able to achieve a whopping 368% increase in the number of conversions as compared to the strategy without search campaigns. Other increased elements included 137% increase in Click through Rate (CTR) with optimal CPA. With these optimizations, the number of click-through rate increased the leads quality improved and more sales were converted.


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