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Email Marketing with Pershall

Sometime there could be too much noise online with all the website and apps running. However, in all these, emails are one place where your guaranteed communication will reach the targeted audience.

Pershall Mailchimp email marketing campaign

We at Pershall, we use MailChimp to deliver strong campaigns to clients. We add emails to the sales funnel to enlighten and educate potential clients or grow existing clients. Get in touch to view some of the emails we have engineered to increase sales conversion for our customers.

On the right side of the screen, we have shared a form you can fill for us to engage you and grow your brand through emails. You can also click here to get in touch.

Grow your customer relationship with Emails

Email are always taken to be personal and designated to relevant elements in your client life. For a customer to share their email and allow you to contact them, it means they have interest and have trusted you with one of their key details in life. Grow this trust by sending them authoritative, creative and captivating content that solves their everyday life problem. This way you will always get return customers.

How email can help your organization

  • Use email to educate new potential customer on your products
  • Use email to communicate other products and services that you sell
  • Use emails to share discounts and other offers so as to increase sales
  • Use emails to keep relevance and be top-of-mind
  • Use email to rekindle the relationship with dormant customers

These are some of the ways you can take advantage of your customer inbox. A relationship is one of the key factor customers use while choosing which supplier to pick for their next product. Be top of mind with emails.

Positive connections with Customers in Kenya

Traditionally, email marketing has been one of the marketing methods that had maintained a positive ROI when used as part of the inbound marketing campaign. Today, email marketing is used as a means to build a long-lasting, positive and profitable connection between suppliers and customers.

Pershall with our skilled team will work with you to create email campaigns, whether creating promotions, regular newsletters, surveys etc. We will make it happen for you.

What you need to run an email campaign   

It takes effort to run a successful email campaign. You don’t want to start sending emails and end up in the sperm. We have sketched a toolkit that you can use to understand what it takes to communicate effectively via email. These are the assets Pershall will be sharing:

  • A Dynamic and responsive email template design
  • Email Autoresponders and welcome campaigns
  • Our dedicated Mailchimp email marketing platform
  • Creative and innovative tools and tactics to grow your subscriber list
  • Advanced reporting integrated with other online platforms for advanced reporting
  • Social media integration on email and other social shares
  • Google Analytics integration to emails for full conversion tracking
  • Personalisation and dynamic email content
  • A/B and multivariate email testing
  • Best practice checklist


We also have a dedicated team to manage your account and ensure that your emails have been sent out regularly as scheduled. With advanced tracking, we collect data to understand user behavior and continuously improve. Your next campaign is always better than the previous campaign.

Contact us for email marketing

By adding email marketing to your larger digital marketing campaign, we can help redefine your sales funnel and increase conversation rate. Get in touch today and let us talk on how we can use email to improve your sales.


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