Pay Per Click Management – PPC (Google Ads)


Pay per click or PPC is one of the effective digital marketing methods by Google, which drives traffic to your landing page from the moment your digital campaign begins. PPC allows marketers to target and filter traffic using elements like demographics or location, and it also gives you real-time analytics of how the campaign is performing.

We at Pershall Digital are excited to be providing this service as being Google certified, which means we have crafted our skills to meet and exceed Google’s highest performance targets. We believe we are the best to run your campaign and deliver a high ROI.

PPC is a highly cost-effective method of digital advertising in Kenya

As compared to the traditional marketing digital marketing and specifically PPC is a highly cost-effective advertising method. The reason why PPC is so cost effective as a BTL is that you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your advert and goes through to your website. The marketing method also allows you to choose how much you want to pay for each click, and you can pick daily, weekly or monthly budgets for your company. This adds PPC as part of the pragmatic marketing methods where changes can be done as you go depending on the campaign performance.

How does PPC work?

PPC works by your ads appearing when people browsing online search for keywords that you are bidding for. For your add to appear you need to accurately define the keywords and keyword phrases that potential online customers use to search for your product, service or brand. Our professional team in Nairobi has done their market research on different industries in Kenya to get the precise keywords client use to search for products related to your brand. We will bid on these keywords and get your brand inform of your potential customers.

Our PPC Adwords campaign creation process follows this process:

  • Using historic knowledge to researching your market and create personas
  • Find the right keywords and key-phrases that reflect your brand or relevant to your brand in Kenya and abroad.
  • Creating and writing captivating and targeted Google adverts to ensure maximum click-through ratios
  • We help to create creative, inspiring, optimized targeted, compelling landing pages that influence consideration during the purchase process.
  • We do daily review and optimization on how different changes can affect your campaign performance and review keywords to reduce keywords and improve conversions.
  • We decrease and increase the maximum group and ad and keyword cost per click as needed to maximize your ROI.
  • We manage to ensure we only focus on converting ads and keywords ensuring you don’t spend your money on non-converting marketing gimmicks.

Why should you choose Pershall for PPC Campaign management in Kenya?

Pershall has sourced the best skilled PPC specialist in Nairobi who understands how to efficiently and effectively minimize cost and optimize conversion by targeting your ideal marketing audience and get the most out of your marketing budget.  We are Google and Bing certified which makes us among the best in the industry with regard to digital marketing. Get in touch with our team at 0776057644 or click here.




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