• September 13, 2017

Top 3 Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends for 2017


Top 3 Real Estate Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

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When it comes to marketing and advertising for realtors it’s not a foot race, it’s a digital race. Technology is moving at such a fast pace that if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re already falling behind it. And guess who is already ahead of that curve? Realtors in your area putting these 2017 trends into practice. Since preparing for the trends of tomorrow starts today, we’ll help get you caught up and ahead of those pesky competitors.

Make sure you’re on top of these 2017 real estate digital marketing trends:

Digital home tours (virtual reality and 3-D) – 

If you haven’t seen a listing in 3-D online yet, you are missing out! Not only is it a really aesthetically pleasing option, but imagine your prospects being able to go on a tour whenever it pleases them. You can save time by letting non-serious buyers peruse while also allowing serious buyers to narrow down their selection. Inman expects this trend to explode in 2017.

Marketing automation is the name of the game –

If you live on a diet of coffee and caffeine pills, then you probably have enough time to personally respond to each inquiry and follow up with every lead. Also, you might have a problem. If you’re like the rest of us, you can really only follow up with leads that are most likely to transact. That’s why marketing automation is so crucial, let your leads be nurtured with minimal effort on your part.

Facebook ads are a must have –

Everyone is on Facebook, everyone. One in five page views occurs on Facebook according to Zephoria. Chances are, a good number of your potential leads are as well. Knowing how to optimize your ads for the best conversion performance is critical to capturing the most of your target area. Oh and by the way, once those leads are in your system, trends 1 and 2 will come into play for sure.

Seem overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. Having great leads is just as important to your success as partnering with the right people. After all, it’s your ROI, why not make the most of it?

Ever wanted to see which of your leads are most likely to transact? It’s possible. Speak with us to find out how.

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